Gift Planning

Gift Planning


Gift Planning is a Work of HEART

“I wish I could do more!” These words accompany so many of the gifts we receive. The truth is that there are dozens of ways for friends to “do more” for our future – if gifts are carefully planned. Gift planning is an art that combines financial planning, estate planning, and tax planning techniques to enable friends to make significant gifts, often with dramatic tax and financial rewards.

Leave A Lasting Legacy

The need for careful planning becomes clear when people consider basic questions involved in making an important gift: What should I give? How should I give? When should I give? Are there any special purposes my gift should accomplish? Your support should carefully be planned to assure your personal satisfaction. Your gift can be established as a memorial to a loved one or special friend. You may want to earmark your gift for a particular program or purpose, or simply say that your gift may be applied where the need is greatest.​

Help Shape the Future

Please click here for more information about all types of planned gifts and the many benefits available to you. Our gift planning website provides illustrations of numerous ways to support the Club and technical support for the estate planning professional, including a free gift calculator.

We invite you to explore with us the many sides of your own gift planning and the meaning your personal philanthropy can have for both you and our future! For more information, call us at 610-432-9944.

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