2018 PA Youth of the Year, Jeramiah Lyons

Meet Jeramiah, proud member of Boys & Girls Club of Allentown and Pennsylvania’s Youth of the Year (YOY) award winner. Jeramiah is a long-time member of the Sixth Street Clubhouse, with over 160 hours of volunteer service as a Junior Staff and Club mentor. He and his family reside in Allentown, and he is now an Honor Role student at Bethlehem Catholic High School. He plays guard and defensive end for the varsity football team, is taking advanced courses in the concepts of health, healthy living and physical activity, and is a strong anti-bullying and anti-drugs advocate. His career goal is to be a psychiatrist.

On January 24th, Jeramiah competed against excellent YOY candidates from our other Clubhouses; the competition was tough, but it was his warmth, strength, determination, and commitment to the Club that won over the YOY judges. In his own words: “My Boys & Girls Club experience, to simply put it, may have changed and saved my life.”

Jeramiah headed to Harrisburg to compete against other YOY winners from all across PA for the statewide title on April 10, 2018. Jeramiah’s dedication, story, and poise shone through and won over the judges. We’re so proud of Jeramiah as he heads next to New York City in June to compete for the regional title. Congratulations and GOOD LUCK Jeramiah!

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