BGCA Announces 2020 Youth of the Year: Skyy R.

The Boys & Girls Club of Allentown is proud to announce our 2020 Youth of the Year Winner: Skyy R. from our Little Lehigh Clubhouse

Background:  Skyy demonstrates three leadership characteristics – advocacy, coordination, and vision that positions her well to compete in the Pennsylvania Youth of the Year Competition.  She works at BGCA’s Little Lehigh Clubhouse and regularly speaks on behalf of the members who need help.  Skky created and currently maintains the Bucks Store at Little Lehigh.  She handles keeping count of each Club member’s bucks to distributing their prizes.  Skky is also a visionary who sees the potential in all Club members.  She helps to run programs such as Power Hour, Homework Help, DreamBox, and Istation.  BGCA is grateful for Skky’s hard work and dedication.  As Club member and now Junior Staff member, she truly knows what it takes to be successful in school and in life.

Next steps for Skyy include working with our Regional YOY winner Jeramiah on building her speech and interview techniques in preparation for the Pennsylvania Youth of the Year Contest.  The competition date is April 7-8 in Harrisburg.